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Every business owner wants their company to succeed, grow, and increase revenue. Unfortunately, many of the tools they need are out of reach. Border West knows that those tools should be available for every business owner that has the drive and ambition.

That’s why we provide complete digital marketing services and online strategy that works across all industries, in all locations, AND WITH ALL BUDGETS!

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Pay Per Click and Google Ads
Building the Foundation

If your goal is to get more business through advertising, you can’t ignore Google. Through their behemoth search engine, which reaches pretty much everywhere, they’ve created the largest ad network in the world. Their display network alone reaches on over 2 million websites around the world!

Google’s yearly revenue from Ads is in the billions, and growing massively. This is because it can provide strategically targeted advertising that you can’t get anywhere else. 

They’re so massive that they’re completely redefined what it means to look something up. You just Google it.

Being able to put your business on the receiving end of that is extremely powerful.

Due to it’s effectiveness, getting your website listed at the top of Google is ridiculously difficult in most industries. This is true for pay per click ads as well, in areas with any competition. 

Even if a business is listed fairly high up on a Google search, the website listing is nothing more than a storefront. It provides a basic description of what’s inside, but not much more.

With PPC ads, the ability to target a searcher’s location, demographics, and intent is precise. SEO for contractors can show people your website. PPC for contractors can solve a detailed and specific problem. 

The biggest reason why you need Border West to manage Google Ads for your business is this:

if you’re not sitting at the top of Google searches, one of your competitors is. There are only so many potential customers for your industry. Every one someone else gets is one less for your company. 

Start with a Competitor Analysis and we can see exactly where you compare in your industry.

What's is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Austin Google Building
The Undisputed King of Pay Per Click, Google in Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas digital marketing agencies are very abundant. Some of the biggest online advertisers in the world have locations here, along with dozens of up and comers. 

With the continued expansion of the internet, it seems everyone is trying to get a piece of the unlimited money making opportunities it provides. Businesses are anxious to harness its power to sell more goods and services. The best digital marketing agencies are in a never-ending race to obtain more knowledge and clients.

So what exactly is this magical formula so necessary for online success? Loosely defined, digital marketing is hundreds of computer related ways to get your brand in front of more potential buyers online. The actual definition, courtesy of Wikipedia, is “the marketing of products or services using digital technologies on the internet, through mobile phone apps, display advertising, and any other digital mediums.

Digital Marketing in Your Industry

Digital Marketing Budget Graph

So what’s going to work best to reach customers in your industry? This answer is usually a combination of several different strategies. That’s where an online advertising company like Border West can prove invaluable.

Our expertise and experience affords us the ability to know the proper formulas. For products, a combination of display advertising, eCommerece strategy, Email Campaigns, and Social Media Ads can provide the best return on investment. For service industries like movers, a local content based campaign with Search Engine Optimization and  pay per click ads will provide the foundation. Display and Social Media Advertising are strong supports.

Providing digital marketing in Austin, and throughout the United States, has given us a strong grasp on budget efficiency. Border West strategically disperses advertising budget funds with surgical precision for maximum results!

“Our siding-repair business is located in the fast growing city of Austin, Texas and just like our city our business needs paralleled growth. Border West Marketing has helped Premium Co. with brand awareness and is always available for any questions that may arise. As a contracting business it has been convenient that Border West employees have experience in projects such as building, fences and decks, and demolition work. Border West Marketing has always proven great efficiency and communication. Not only are they good at working with established marketing methods but also are willing to try innovative methods. In such a competitive market everyone has their niche and Border West Marketing definitely gives a tailored service with the utmost professionalism.”

Jennifer Jaimes


Austin, Texas

How Important is Effective Online Advertising for Retailers?

While this question certainly varies between industries, it’s safe to say nobody gets a free ride anymore. It’s true, there are still niches that are so new and/or rare that even the simplest website and a few keywords will suffice. But online retailers will come out of the woodwork to jump on board any new product or idea that makes money. 

It’s nearly impossible to run a successful business today without a strategic online marketing plan. Without it, your business will be missing out on immeasurable opportunities. And often, when hard won sales come, it’s impossible to replicate the formula that created them.

Border West knows how to increase online sales in nearly any industry. Our formulas are based on experience and our success is multiplied with excessive diligence. We constantly optimize, test, and improve campaigns to keep our clients’ sales continually increasing.

boxes of online retail inventory

The Power of eCommerce and Digital Marketing

CFS Total Web Traffic 10/01/2018-12/15/2018
Winter 2019 Google Analytics Stats
CFS Total Web Traffic 10/01/2019-12/15/2019

The relationship between digital marketing and eCommerce is completely intertwined. It goes without saying that selling retail products online require a moderate level of web proficiency. But when that level of proficiency determines your income, it’s best to find an online advertising agency has experience.

The client in the above images offers a seasonal product that mostly sells at Christmas. In the 2018 figures, the client was operating on a very minimal budget and little expertise. In the 2019 figures, Border West managed digital marketing for the client in all areas. This included Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Business/Maps, Content Creation and Blogging, Email Campaigns, Social Media Management, and Facebook Advertising. We also created all advertising copy and designed all emails. 

I’m sure you can imagine, based on traffic, there was a huge increase in sales in 2019. Overall return on investment was very high. Also, managing the social media, content creation, and brand awareness has become a year round job.

It’s safe to say, if you’re eCommerce business is going to be any more than a hobby, there is going to have to be a strategic plan in place. Starting off with a detailed competitor analysis will help set a foundation for that plan. After that, deciding on budgets and delegating tasks will be much easier. Many products will require simple SEO and a minimal online advertising budget. Other areas, like those related to the hyper competitive energy efficiency industry, are going to require a more intense strategy.

“I highly Recommend Border West Marketing. They are professional, skillful, effective, efficient, talented, designers and you will be happy with the service you get. The results for our company were amazing and done in a couple of days. I was very Impressed, not to mention the prices are unbeatable. Totally worth it! Thank You Border West Marketing.”

Stephanie Garcia


Los Angeles, California

In larger cities in the US, competition between service based professions is extremely high. Most cities, like Austin, are rapidly expanding. Thousands of people are moving here every year for better opportunities. This goes both for consumers and contractors. A growing real estate market brings countless related businesses out of the woodwork seeking to capitalize. If you’re a mover trying to generate local leads how do you get customers to find and choose your company? Repeat clientele and word of mouth don’t work as well for moving companies.

What this also means is when a business owner searches for help online, there are several pages of results. Many of first results are huge worldwide companies with thousands of employees. Often times their fees are beyond the reach of smaller companies, such as local contractors. This is because many large digital marketing companies price their services high because they don’t want to deal with smaller accounts. They want big companies with advertising budgets that are tens of thousands of dollars per month. The people you speak to when you call these large companies are sales people. They work for commissions. The larger the account, the higher their percentage.

This is why you need a online marketer that matches up with your company’s goals. Border West has taken on many clients with smaller budgets that other companies would have turned away. Whether it’s a small insulation company in Ohio, or building a website that’s all about border collies, While we are a business and we do generate income, we’re here because we love what we do. One of the most rewarding aspects of being one of the online advertising agencies in Austin is helping small businesses grow into large ones. 

Digital Services That
Always Go for the Green

Border West has one driving force: to make our clients money.

We understand that there are many other factors involved, but the bottom line is, if a digital marketing agency doesn’t create more than it costs, it doesn’t make sense.

Click the button below and let’s start a conversation. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide accurate information how we can mold a specific plan for your business. We promise no high pressure sales tactics. Just a transparent, no strings attached conversation about how we can put you ahead of the game. Click the link now!

We also manage online advertising for golf courses as well!

“They have done an amazing job with my company’s marketing needs. Always communicating with me, and updating me monthly. They are on point with everything, never have they tried to sell me something I don’t need. They really are passionate about what they do. I highly recommend them. Look no further!!”

DeAnn Lopez


San Antonio, Texas

Your Personal Online Business Marketing Overachiever

What are your goals for your business?

Online superiority and domination over your rivals, of course.

Border West is here to make that happen for your growing business. Our digital marketing agency has time and time again helped our clients strengthen and grow their online business. We drive traffic that builds revenue, and we do it for less cost than most of our competitors.

Border West doesn’t make false promises or set over-inflated expectations (we don’t work in the government). We create aggressive, yet manageable goals that can be felt throughout your company. Not just on our reports.

Our Pay Per Click Campaigns are best in class and designed around your business. We don’t have a one size fits all approach that we refuse to amend. We work with growing companies and eCommerce retailers of from all types of industries (and varying budgets).

Border West Search Engine Optimization takes a sustainable growth approach. We develop client websites through content creation designed for their audiences. Our SEO utilizes white hat techniques and link building that lay concrete foundations on which to grow businesses. 

Our websites are created for performance and purpose over useless animations that hurt Google rankings. Border West web design is functional, professional, and designed to grow your traffic. Our sites are practical and economically viable for the businesses they are built for.