Free First Month of Professional Google Ads Management for New Clients

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Border West's First Month of Certified
Google Ad Management at No Charge

Answers to all your questions about costs, contracts, and how a small digital marketing company is confident enough to work for free.

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How Much Does it Cost After the First Month?

When you’re operating a business, everything is about the bottom line. We understand this and keep all costs and ad budgets completely transparent. Our Google Ad management fees are simple:

$400 Per Month for Budgets Under $5000     10% of Ad Spend for Budgets Over $5000

Is There a Contract?


It’s pretty much that simple.

Even though a new account takes several weeks/months to perform at 100%, you’ll be able to see by the end of the first month that it provides value for your business.

All we ask that you stay with us for at least a few months as long as we’re making your company money. 

How Does the Google Budget Work?

When we start with a new client, we set up a brand new account for them with Google Ads. This is managed by us with our Google Ads management software, but billed directly to the client via Google.

The first deduction is when you reach $350 in Ad Spend, then every $500 afterwards. This gives us a plenty of time to create some valuable leads for your business before you have to pay a cent. 

What if My Website is Outdated?

Border West has an inexpensive solution for this as well. Often, an entirely new website isn’t necessary for a new Google Ads account to be successful. Often we can create a cost effective landing page that will do the job.

Our Landing Page Solutions Start as Low as $200 When Combined With a New Google Ads Account

Here is an example of a new moving company landing page we did for a great price

How Long Before I See Results?

Starting from the time you fill out the billing information on your new account, Border West can have it active within a week. Then, for the next several days, Google has to go through a “learning stage” where they figure out where your ads are going to show. Think of your keywords similar to cars trying to find a place to merge onto a busy highway.

By the end of the second week, the account will start showing some consistency. As we continue to work and optimize the account, the results will improve leading to lower costs per click, better ad placement, and more qualified customers.

Do You Provide Other Services Like SEO and Social?

We do and we’re more than happy to go over different pricing options, but we don’t currently offer any other services with a free month. 

One of the reasons we offer Google Ads management for a month free is that we can provide results that can provide verifiable results fast. We do however have very cost effective SEO packages that, combined with our expert Google Ads management, allow us to build your company up digitally from all sides.

How Are You Able to Provide A Full Month of Google Ads Management for No Charge?

One of the reasons we started this company was to be different. Often, services like Google Ads management are not affordable for many small companies because of up front costs. Or, they have tried working with someone in the past that was a waste of money.

Border West is a small, but steadily growing company. We don’t have (or really want) a sales team and we do all of our own outreach. We want our work to speak for itself, rather than having to talk you into something beforehand. This way, you’re only paying us if we’re continuing to make you money. Keeping our company structured around those principles are why we can take a chance with yours.

So What Do You Say? Give Us A Shot!

We’re confident that if you give us a little time, we’ll prove that we can make your company money with our expert Google Ads management. 

Just fill out the information request or give us a call at the number below for the fastest reply.

(512) 516-9867

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