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Golf Course Marketing from Border West

Focused On Driving Revenue

Successful Golf Course Marketing requires an experienced digital marketing company that understands the golf industry. You need an advertising partner that knows the best path to success. Not a company that tries to sell you websites, software, and products that you don’t need.

Border West has successfully managed many golf course marketing campaigns. Each new account is built independently through Google Ads and Social Media, not through a third party website or an app. Customers are sent to your golf course directly, either organically from SEO, or through customized Facebook or Google ads created with surgical precision.  

Whether your focus is on booking more tee times or more weddings, Border West will bring your the most qualified traffic for the lowest possible cost. We retain our clients without contracts because we consistently produce amazing results. 

Try us for a month and witness our returns firsthand. With no account setup fees and no contracts, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

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“I highly Recommend Border West Marketing. They are professional, skillful, effective, efficient, talented, designers and you will be happy with the service you get. The results for our company were amazing and done in a couple of days. I was very Impressed, not to mention the prices are unbeatable. Totally worth it! Thank You Border West Marketing.”

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How We Drive Leads:

Create a personalized strategy for your golf course

Analyze competing golf courses in your area, then do what they’re doing better

Work hard to get your campaigns running so you get golf leads fast

Optimize and improve your accounts daily to improve ranking and lower costs

What We DON’T Do:


Make you use our company software or sign up for gimmicky programs


Try to get you to buy services and software you don’t need


Force you to sign a long term contract


Charge ridiculously high fees that don’t clearly explain where your money is going

We’re all about transparency. Fill out the form below and we’ll put together some solid numbers showing exactly what it will take to boost revenue. It’s free and there are no obligations. Try us for a month and let us show you what we can do!

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Golf Course Pay Per Click

Pay per click for golf courses is where we truly earn our paycheck. Social media and search engine optimization are both important if you want to operate a successful location. But if you really want to capitalize, you need a professionally managed Google Ad campaign as the foundation of your golf course marketing.

This is a very underutilized resource in the golf industry, which makes it that much more effective. A professionally managed PPC campaign from Border West will put your course in front of everyone searching on Google for the exact terms we set forth.

We can strategically place golf ads in specific zip codes, show to certain demographics, even only show them to certain genders. We can make a specific Google Ad promote a Tuesday special on Tuesdays only, and weekend rates on Friday through Sunday.

We’ve also been extremely successful marketing golf courses as wedding or event venues. This is a great way to significantly increase your yearly revenue.

Golf pay per click ads are the fastest, most reliable, and most cost effective way to bring customers to your course when managed professionally.

They’re also a great way to throw money out the window if the person managing them is inexperienced. This is why you need a company who’s successfully managed golf course pay per click ad campaigns year after year for their clients.

Call us or fill out the contact form and we’ll put together a detailed proposal and cost estimate. Most campaigns can be running within two weeks, often much sooner. 

Utilizing Facebook for Your Golf Course

Social media was designed for golf courses! Facebook and Instagram are the perfect medium to show off your course, promote events, and obtain reviews. It allows you and your visitors to post picturesque images of the landscape, as well as comment back and forth on experiences.

While social media outlets can be an amazing tool to connect with new or regular clients, properly managing them is often difficult. If it’s done correctly, that is.

Creating status updates and regular content takes time. Coming up with something clever to post several times per month (or more often) can be a pain. 

Border West manages social media for golf courses that keeps your guests engaged. We also help to build your golf course as a brand that your members are dedicated to. This way when they have a life event like a wedding or graduation party to celebrate, they think of your location first. 

Also, it’s important to remember, even if you’re not using Facebook or Instagram, many of your potential customers most certainly are. And if another golf course is taking advantage of social media and you’re completely disregard it, you’re basically just giving money away.

SEO for Golf Course Websites

Golf course SEO is another area that many owners fail to really implement. Often they don’t even know where to begin when it comes to optimizing their websites. 

One of the biggest problems is frequently the websites themselves. There are several companies that create golf course websites with their own software that simply aren’t designed for SEO. Along with being outdated and not visually appealing, these websites are generally buried on Google for any terms that aren’t directly related to golfing.

But what if you want your website to show up on Google when people in your area are searching for an event venue? Or what about when they look up the best golf courses in your city? Is your site going to be on the first page? 

What about when they actually get to your golf course website; is it going to provide the information they’re seeking in a way that keeps them there? 

Much of what search engine optimization is with golf courses relates to content. Attention getting headlines leading to articles, blogs, or pages that are interesting are what keeps people on your website. Beautiful photos that showcase your property that were taken within the last few years, not when you created the site a decade ago, show that you care about your website’s appearance as much as you care about keeping your greens cleanly manicured.

Along with all of this, the website site has to work correctly. Did you know that Google punishes slow loading websites by ranking them lower on search results? This was started in 2018 due to the high number of searches being done on mobile phones. Speaking of mobile, does your site still work and look great when viewed on an iPhone?

Golf SEO is necessary if you want your business to grow over the years. Border West treats search engine optimization as we do everything else with digital marketing; we provide affordable, effective solutions without all the fluff. Our efforts are designed to provide excellent results and the best return on investment.


Golf Course Website Design

It’s an unfortunate reality that many golf course website designers either create websites that look outdated. Or they want to sell you a $10,000 website for your golf course that is completely unnecessary. 

Often times, our clients don’t actually need an entire new website. For many of our golf course marketing efforts, a single landing page or two is all that we need. We direct your Google Ads, social media, Google Maps, and other online advertising clicks to the landing pages first. Then, the landing pages themselves link back to the relevant pages on your site. 

This is an extremely effective solution to most strategies Border West creates for marketing a golf course. Because, let’s face it; most websites only have a few pages that get any substantial traffic anyway.

Sometimes, however, you simply can’t get around the fact that you need a new site. When this is the case, we refer to our partner, Rob West Golf Course Websites. They’ve created countless sites for courses over the years that look and perform amazingly. If we determine that you do need an entire site, we would recommend them.