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A professional pay per click advertising agency is one of the most powerful tools available for businesses. Border West creates strategic PPC campaigns that target our client’s targeted  audience with surgical precision. We build powerful online advertising campaigns through pay per click in Austin, and the entire US. Our digital marketing provides fast, qualified traffic that drives revenue. 

First and Most Important Question:
What Do You Want From A Pay Per Click Agency

If you contact us about digital marketing, it’s the first question we’ll ask. This is because it’s the most important. 

What is going to be your definition of a successful outcome?

Border West is one of many Austin PPC agencies. While we may have some similarities, essentially we all bring different qualities to the table. Our company specializes in Google AdWords management, basic web design, social media management, and content driven SEO. We manage Facebook advertising, but rarely venture out into new social media networks. 

If you’re looking for exposure on TikTok or a $10,000 website, we would refer you to another PPC agency in Austin.

Also, our pay per click company is driven by fast results. Our clients can generally expect to start seeing sales generating traffic within the first couple of weeks. Many other Austin pay per click agencies take several weeks to research a company. While this is necessary for businesses that span multiple locations in very competitive industries, most of our clients aren’t at that level. 

Frankly, if a digital marketing company requires a month to research your account, it sounds like they may be too busy to take on more work. How long are they going to take if you have a question?

Size of Your Company

These three points are going to come up in the beginning of any conversation about digital marketing strategy. This is because they’re going to determine the specific details of online advertising campaign.

What Industry Are You In?

The type of industry we’re going to be running PPC ads in has a lot to do with the strategy.

Are we doing PPC for a siding contractor

Or are we building a complete eCommerce digital marketing strategy

The nature of your business plays a huge role in how we estimate and prepare our marketing plan.

Where Are You Conducting Business?

The location is a huge part of online advertising. If your service area has a ton of competition, it’s going to be more difficult to stand out. 

On the other hand, we’ve worked with clients that are the only business in that industry running Google Ads. Their campaigns were extremely effective and very inexpensive. 

Roofing contractors doing pay per click in Austin are going to spend several thousand dollars per month to stay at the top of Google (which they generally have no problem making back with the added roofing jobs).

The same contractor advertising will cost a fraction in a smaller city. 


How Big is Your Company?

Do you have a hundred employees? Or does your business consist of you in your garage?

Either way, a great pay per click advertising agency like Border West can help it grow.

But the size now is relevant to how we develop ad campaigns. A smaller company can’t always handle the added business of their business staying at the top of Google. The benefit of this is getting sufficient results with a much smaller budget. A home moving company with only two trucks isn’t going to want or need more than a handful of moving leads per week to stay booked.


What does a pay per click company do with this information? At Border West, we use this, combined with a detailed competitor analysis to create a project proposal for your business. This will contain a cost analysis that will determine the exact budget to be successful. It will have an estimate on a time frame for implementation, as well as how long it will take to get the campaigns to full speed. 

Lastly, the proposal will contain any other findings from our research. We’ll provide recommendations as to website updates, search engine optimization, and other areas you could benefit with your overall digital marketing. 

This competitor analysis and website report, as well as the project proposal, are free to potential clients.

Border West is the only pay per click advertising agency in Austin that offers this service free with no payments or contract requirements.

Our goal is to prove that you can benefit from our services rather than convince a company to hire us. Any campaign we manage will more than pay for itself, including our fees, or we won’t agree to do it.

Different Types of PPC

Here are the basic examples of the most common pay per click ads.

Paid Search

Paid search ads are the most effective forms of pay per click advertising available. These are highly targeted ads that show up on a search based on keywords. As far as ads go, these are the most helpful for the viewer. Google’s algorithms’ main function is to provide the person searching with the best possible answer to their query. Search ads offer this in the same way that SEO does.

From an pay per click advertising agency perspective, paid search ads offer the best chance of getting your company in front of a potential customer exactly when they’re interested. The targeting options are seemingly endless, allowing very specific areas and demographics. 

Along with keywords, paid search ads can be limited to certain things like physical location, time of day, medium (mobile/ desktop/tablet), age group, income, and many more. For example, an AdWords campaign could be narrowed down to women over 55 in a specific zip code that make over $75000 per year, who own their own home, use a tablet to search, and only show in the early morning. 

This detailed targeting can be expensive, depending on the specifics we discussed earlier. The cost for paid search ads can range from less than $1 per click to well north of $50, depending on the competition. This is why hiring us as your professional pay per click advertising agency is necessary.

Our company creates best-in-class paid search campaigns that are optimized daily. This means you’ll spend less than competitors while having your website shown more often and higher up on Google. 


For experienced Austin PPC agencies, display ads can be very effective. Alternatively, paying for display ads without experience can be a complete waste of money. This is because of the random nature and places where they pop up. 

Display ads have much less targeting abilities than paid search, but they are generally much less expensive. It is often possible to achieve thousands of views on Google’s partner network for less than $100. 

The way display ads is much less detailed that search. Advertisers still get to target audiences and keywords, but the targeting is much less technical. This is why you sometimes see a completely random ad at the beginning of a YouTube video. Or a pop up at the bottom of The Weather Channel app.

Google has powerful algorithms that are some of the most advanced in the world. They do their best to analyze a online user’s interests and place display ads where they’re most likely to be clicked. Because they only make money if the something gets clicked, it’s always in their best interest to show display ads to the right audiences.  

Display ads can come in a number of different forms:

Text Ads

Very basic ads, all text as you might assume. Text ads are generally only a title, a couple lines of text, and a web address (URL).

Image or Banner Ads

Generally an image or banner that provides a definition for your services, products, or business. These can be static or animated.

Video Ads

A video ad is generally a short clip played before a video (YouTube), or automatically when you’re loading a web page. Video ads are often pay per click, but not always.

Product Listing Ads

A product listing ad can be very effective. These are ads that show pictures of items with prices directly in search results. These are also called shopping ads.

Social Media Ads

Pay per click advertising through Facebook, etc. Social media PPC ads offer different methods of targeting via opinions and interests.

Retargeting or Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are those creepy popups that seem to be able to read your mind. They use cookies to remember places you’ve visited online, then show PPC ads to you for those sites at a later time. These are extremely common in places like Facebook.

Affiliate Marketing Ads

Affiliate marketing ads are links (Share A Sale) or banner ads (Amazon) that website owners place on their websites to earn commissions for selling products or services for other companies. 

The Relationship Between Google Quality Score and PPC

Many people think that getting your website to the top of the front page of Google is something that can be bought. Actually, the most successful PPC ads have a lot more going for them than the highest budget. They have major components which are Quality Score, Landing Page Experience, Ad Relevance, and Expected Click Through Rate. Google provides a detailed description here.

Basically, Google’s main goal is to provide the most relevant information for their searches. They’ve always focused on this and that’s largely why they’re the largest online search engine by miles. The ads that show up first on a Google search are no different. Google wants the information that comes up first to be as closely related to the search terms as possible. Because of this, the company is spending the most money doesn’t  always show first. 

The first thing Border West does with any potential client is run a full analysis of their online presence. This includes where and how they’re ranking on organic (SEO) searches, and of course, how their PPC ads are performing. It’s easy to measure how effective a Austin pay per click management company is by measuring budget vs. ad placement location. Unfortunately, we often find that many companies are spending more on their PPC campaigns than their competitors, but their ads are being shown less. 

What Are Google Local Services?

google local services moving companies full page

Google Local Services are the small green boxes that show up at the ABSOLUTE TOP of a Google search. They are service providers that have been screened by Google and are Google Guaranteed with up to $2000 in insurance against damages to your property. 

google local services google guaranteed logo

Google Local Services ads are currently only available for some industries in certain areas. The program is fairly new, but growing fast. Border West immediately includes any clients that meet requirements to the Google Local Services program for no additional fee! Just one of the ways we set ourselves from other Austin PPC agencies.

Why Should I Hire a PPC Agency in Austin My Account in Another City?

Border West answers this question quite often. With all the digital marketing firms around, why choose a small pay per click advertising agency in Austin? The answer is actually much more simple than you think. 

We started Border West after working in the digital marketing industry for years. Throughout all that time, we began to seriously dislike online advertising because of several glaring issues that we just couldn’t get over. The biggest being lack of transparency and concern whether the agencies were doing everything they could to increase their client’s revenue. Often, pay per click advertising agencies will produce results more slowly to ensure that they continue getting paid for a longer period of time.  

Our company is more transparent, more dedicated to our clients, and more devoted  to maximizing their success than most other online advertising agencies. Many of which care more about making their companies grow than the client’s. Our goals don’t mean anything unless yours are met first.

Still On the Fence About Hiring A Pay Per Click Advertising Agency?

It’s obvious that you can’t really avoid PPC ads in today’s digital world. Even the most vocal opponents against online advertising have probably clicked on ads without even realizing it. So, now you’re asking yourself if there’s any money to be made from PPC relating to your industry.

Having set up and managed countless digital marketing campaigns with Border West, I can confidently say that any type of business, website, or service can see a positive return from some type of pay per click advertising. If it’s done correctly! 

With that being said, there are certain stipulations. For example, Instagram campaigns generally aren’t as effective for services like bathroom remodeling. Bing ads work well for moving company marketing because of the older audiences. Political PPC ads on Facebook do well because of opinion targeting. 

Another important item to consider when deciding on a pay per click company is account optimization. Remember, an online advertising campaign should be an investment, not a spin on the roulette wheel. Border West is continually optimizing and improving our clients’ accounts on a daily basis. A Google Ad campaign consists of hundreds of moving parts that need daily attention. These continued improvements by our digital marketing professionals are how we can get small businesses with lower budgets great results, even when competing with huge nationwide corporations.

Whether you’re looking for pay per click in Austin, or anywhere in the US, Border West will get you better results for less cost than you doing it alone. Even with our fee included. We require no long term contracts and modest start up costs.

We provide client access to all accounts, providing full transparency as well as direct billing. And since Google charges for advertising costs after the fact, Border West will have already driven enough new revenue to pay the bill before it’s is even due.

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