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Performing well online is all about winning. If you want your website to bring you more business, you have to beat out your competitors for a top spot on Google. A PPC Competitor Analysis combined with a Website Performance Report for your own site can show you exactly what to improve to rise up Google’s ranks. Also, we’ll show you competitor campaign structure, including pay per click advertising budget, successful keywords, and detailed costs per click. With this information, you’ll have all the tools you need to dominate your online competition!

PPC Competitor Analysis Basic Information Form

Click the link to fill out a basic information form. Throw in a few competing websites. Give Border West a little time, and we’ll have your roadmap to internet superiority ASAP. 

This will include the PPC Competitor Analysis, search analysis of your website, and suggestions on how to beat your competitors for PPC ranking.

Border West DOES NOT use this information for any reason other than to complete this report. We never share information, including email addresses, because we know how much unwanted spam sucks!

Spying on Your Rivals

The most critical part of improvement is understanding your shortcomings. Your website is no different. Designing a detailed advertising campaign that performs well is no small task. This is because showing up in relevant searches is crucial to any digital marketing strategy. There are hundreds of moving parts involved in successful advertising strategy. Our PPC Competitor Analysis will grade your website’s search ranking as well. Then we’ll compare it with your competitors and see where you could improve. 

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The form above asks a few simple questions to get us started. This basic form will allow Border West Marketing to discover valuable information to evaluate your online presence on Google Ads. Also, landing pages, website loading time, and countless other areas that Google analyzes to see if you show up on page one or ten of search rankings. After that, we’ll check your competitors’ websites for PPC performance, SEO, and loading speed. Last, we’ll crunch the numbers and give you detailed recommendations that will lead to drastic improvements.   

What Can I Learn From a Border West Report?

The beauty of technology is that there are very few secrets online if you know where to look. Border West uses advanced software to analyze several different areas of your competition. That’s why, when you allow us to perform a PPC Competitor Analysis for your company, you’ll have a strong foundation on which to build a PPC Campaign that outperforms everyone.

Keywords Your Competitors Are Using

Sure, the biggest piece of information from our report on your competition is their keyword list. Border West has the ability to gain access to their keywords, as well as how well they perform. 

While this may seem like the key to winning online, there’s much more to overall success. Just knowing what to say isn’t going to be enough. In something as detailed as golf course advertising, even the slightest difference can have a huge effect.

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Amount Spent Per Keyword

Now we’re getting into the more important factors. If you’re advertising a moving company, and another mover has “moving company in Dallas” as a paid keyword, doesn’t really help. Knowing how much they’re spending to make their “moving company in Dallas” show up ahead of your moving company on Google is extremely important.

Now, if it’s straight up, dollar for dollar, winner take all, our detailed report can show you what you need to spend to win. Fortunately, for any company that isn’t in the billion dollar range, Google doesn’t work like that. 

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Number of Monthly Searches Per Keyword

Another important factor of our total report is to show the number of monthly searches for your keyword. This is based entirely within your competitors’ target area. This information can be extremely valuable in planning your online marketing strategy. 

Border West has had contractors in the past who have altered their online advertising strategy based entirely on monthly searches. Sometimes, it’s not worth spending Google Ad money on a target with too few monthly searches. Other times, your company may want to invest more if there is a strong demand for something specific in your area.

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Who Your Competitors' Biggest Competitors Are

Just because a company is your biggest competitor doesn’t necessarily mean that your theirs. Your business may not even be on their radar. But a Border West website report will show you exactly who is. 

This can also provide us with countless other companies in which to analyze their PPC strategies to help your business excel. We can also run reports on every company on this list, their competitors, and so on. We can produce a seemingly infinite amount of data to assist with your PPC campaign.

Now the question is, how do you get to the top of this list?

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Top Keyword Buy Recommendations

This is an area where you can really utilize your budget and expand your strategy. Our website report will show you the top paid keywords that your competitor isn’t using. Border West will also provide the approximate number of searches per month that each keyword is getting.

This information is going to be extremely helpful in finding opportunities that your competition missed. It is also great if you’re on a limited advertising budget and you can’t necessarily afford to outbid your deep pocketed rivals on every keyword. 


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What Does a Website Performance Report Include?

Now that we’ve covered exactly what your competition is doing, let’s take a good, hard look in the mirror. A detailed analysis of your own website can often be immensely more valuable that over-scrutinizing other sites. Google’s search algorithms look at hundreds of different factors when ranking a website. This includes PPC as well. Just because you’re spending more money on Google Ads than anyone else, doesn’t mean you’ll get more customers. It really doesn’t mean your ads will rank higher. Fixing ALL the seemingly minor, insignificant issues with your website is the key to truly gaining internet superiority. 

So, in addition to a thorough PPC Report, Border West comprises a detailed Website Performance Report. This includes the following factors, which are explained in detail below. 

Speed Ranking (Page Loading Time)

Google has made it abundantly clear that slow loading websites will rank lower. Part of this is Google’s shift towards focusing on mobile users. The experts at Google realized years ago that the majority of online traffic was shifting to a mobile format. With everyone in the US above the age of six having a smartphone, how could it not?

With that knowledge, Google deducted that page loading time was going to become extremely relevant to a website’s success. People on mobile are often not connected to WiFi, so data is transferred over cellular networks (4G) at a much slower speed. DoubleClick by Google found 53% of mobile site visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load. Border West’s Website Performance Report will analyze this first and foremost.

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SEO Performance Analysis

It’s said (a lot), the best place to hide a body is on the second page of Google. The organic or SEO ranking of your website is crucial to your success online. Here it’s explained by in detail by Quicksprout

Many, many factors go into determining where Google places your website for each specific search. These issues are either going to be on page or off page. Basically, everything on page can be controlled within the website (speed, content, etc). Everything off page is going to deal with factors like link building, social media shares, etc. 

Our Website Performance Report will show you exactly how your website is performing in all these areas. This will provide a clear path on what needs to be improved, as well as the urgency of each task.

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Website Keyword Analysis

If you’re not familiar with what exactly a keyword is, they are words or phrases describing what a specific webpage is about. Google has a great explanation here as they pertain to Google Ads. Your keywords are what brings readers to your website.

Providing the correct keywords is the first step towards bringing potential customers to your website. With a Border West Website Performance Report, we will analyze the keywords you’re currently ranking for on Google. We will also provide a list of which keywords your website should be targeting to reach your desired audience. Much of this will be derived from the PPC Competitor Analysis, but other factors such as budget and keyword difficulty will be an important factor.

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Local SEO Report

Local SEO, or local business listings, are an often overlooked aspect of finding new clients online. Registries and local SEO listings are anything from Google Business to Yellowpages.com. This also includes Google Maps and similar map listings that are heavily utilized by customers for all types of businesses.

Many businesses spend so much time, money, and effort attempting to rank on Google, that they forget to even list their business in the Yellow Pages. There’s no denying that Google absolutely dominates online searches, but they don’t have absolute control. In some industries, search engines like Bing and Yahoo! provide very good results. Not having accurate information in all relevant listing services could be costing you potential clients that you didn’t even know were there. Also, Google’s algorithms look for discrepancies with company listings. Sometimes your business may be inputted on a registry incorrectly by no fault of your own. Our Website Performance Report will ensure that all relevant listings are utilized and accurate.  

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft sets all Windows operating systems with Internet Explorer and Bing as the default browser and search engine. 

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Paid Search (PPC) Ranking

Paid search ranking reports are where Border West’s Website Performance Report really proves its value. We provide the same detailed PPC reports for your website as our PPC Competitor Analysis does for your competition. Google Ads and Bing place a very strong emphasis on quality score. This is what ensures that big companies cant just buy their way to the of PPC ad rankings. It’s also how smaller companies can still compete with industry giants when it comes to online advertising.

Whether you’re currently advertising on Google Ads, or considering it, Border West can provide a solid PPC strategy for your company. We can show you how to get the lowest cost per click, show your ads to the largest audience, increase ad conversions, and do it for less than doing it alone. 

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your Google Ads budget, contact Border West for a free quote.

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Backlink Analysis

Having websites link back to yours is a crucial part of getting your website to the top of Google. Backlinks are links to your website from other relevant websites. This could be from social media, other sites linking to a blog on your site, or a number of other ways.

Backlinks are Google’s way of determining your website’s value to readers on the internet. If your site gets linked and shared quite often, then Google assumes that your content is good and people find it valuable. If no one ever shares your site, you can still do alright on Google, but your website will never reach it’s true SEO potential.

A Border West Website Performance Report will show you which sites are linking yours. We can also look at your competitors and see where they are getting their backlinks from as well. This is a very important component to the whole of a well performing website.

ppc competitor analysis backlink to earth

Social Media Shares

Having content shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (you get the idea, social media is everywhere) is massively important to your website’s success. Google regards Facebook shares with nearly the same importance as actual backlinks. They figure, if your website is producing relevant content, people will want to share it on Social Media. Border West’s Website Performance Report will provide a grade on Social Media effectiveness. We can also show you exactly where you can improve. This information can be provided for competitor websites as well, if requested.

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Content Quality

Performing well on searches, whether organically or with pay per click ads, is only half the battle. Once you’ve actually gotten someone to visit your website, now you have to keep them there. Landing page effectiveness is one of the most important components of any digital marketing strategy.

In our Website Performance Report, Border West will include a basic analysis of your overall website experience. This will include quality of content and overall feel of the website. This is crucial in determining if your potential customers are going to find what they are looking for on your site, or pack up and head on down the road.

If necessary, Border West’s web design team can help you build a new website that is competitive in all the areas previously discussed. Border West builds sites to produce revenue first an foremost over just looking pretty (they look really good too!)

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In Conclusion

Competition on today’s internet is extremely fierce. The requirements to run a successful website are continuously growing and changing. Staying a step ahead of competitors is generally a foregone thought. Most business owners are simply just trying to digitally stay in the game.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an important part of building a successful online presence. Knowing what similar businesses did to become successful is also extremely vital information. A PPC Competitor Analysis and Website Performance Report from Border West will provide all of this and more. 

This will give your company the tools it needs to build a strong digital foundation. But, there’s much more to success than just the knowledge of how to achieve it. Border West Marketing helps businesses of all sizes use these tools to build a strong foundation for their business. We create websites and PPC campaigns that produce traffic that in turn makes our clients money. If you want the reports for your own personal benefit, we’ll certainly provide them. But if you want to use this information to seriously grow your business online, we’re ready to join the team. Check out our About Us page, or give Border West a call and we can get started!