Thermal Curtains

Thermal Curtain Display

Thermal Curtains

Thermal Curtain Display

Are you trying to decide if thermal curtains are a good idea? Well, if you are considering it then you are probably on to something. More than likely you can benefit from purchasing one or several sets. Thermal curtains are a good choice no matter what climate you live in. They are especially useful in very cold weather areas.

What are thermal curtains?

Thermal curtains insulate your home more than standard curtains. They keep warm heat in during the winter, and the opposite during the summer. They insulate the interior of your home by adding protection against your glass windows. Windows can insulate as well but the glass can only do so much. Purchasing thermal curtains gives you a few extra layers of insulation.

The curtains will be layered with two to three layers of fabric. The middle fabric will be the thermal protection. Enabling them to help keep cold air out during the winter and cool A/C in the home during those hot summer months.

The inner layer closest to the window will be made up of a vapor barrier. The vapor barrier helps keep the moisture from your window condensation absorbing into the the rest of the drapes. All of the layers combined work together to keep your home more insulated. Therefore, allowing you to have more control of the indoor climate.

Thermal curtain layers
Layered thermal window coverings

Thermal insulated blackout curtains

Having a room completely blacked out can have a lot of benefits. Take a look at how to hang them, clean them, and what type of periodical maintenance is involved.


Hanging up your new purchase should be a breeze. Right? Well, mostly pretty simple. With a few simple steps you will be ready to see the difference this new addition will make in your home.

      • Avoid curtain rods that extend from the wall. Find options that snugly align close to the ceiling.
      • Create a tight seal between the wall and the drapes.
      • When hanging them, be sure to get as close to the ceiling and floor as possible. Keep length dimensions in mind when purchasing.
      • Consider adding an attachment to secure the curtains to the wall. Velcro strips work very well and can be placed in several locations. 


Not everyone has the same schedule and can sleep when the sun goes down. Often times people enjoy staying up late and then sleeping in. Maybe you have a terrific guest room and you like to keep your overnight friends very comfortable with the ability to snooze as late as they please. 

If you find yourself agreeing with any of these statements, then the odds are pretty good that you have explored blackout curtains. While searching for the right fit, I highly recommend you tie in thermal curtains as well. Often times they are already designed with a blackout layer. 

Blackout drapes keep a room from allowing natural light to shine in. These can be especially helpful if you live in a hot climate. When the sun starts to set into a home mid-day it can certainly warm it up quickly. You’ll soon find that the heat causes you A/C to work much more than necessary. Add this terrific comfort to any room and you’ll surely notice a huge difference.


Now that you have your thermal drapes properly hung, don’t forget about them. It’s easy to put them up, close them up tight, and keep your home well insulated. Well the condensation has to go somewhere. It will be protected on the vapor barrier for a while, but not too long. Therefore, it’s important to remember to open them up every now and then to let the built up condensation air out. A few hours here and there is all that is needed to keep the curtains from growing mold.

How to clean thermal curtains

For a quick clean, you can spray down the drapes with upholstery cleaner. After you let it set in for a little while then simply vacuum. If you find that the curtains need a deeper cleaning, then you should take them to the dry cleaners. Just be sure the cleaners know the proper technique for the layered material.

Furniture Protection

One thing many people tend to forget about is how valuable their furniture is. Artwork may be hung in just the right spot to really showcase it to visitors. Keep in mind, if that perfect location is at the ideal angle for the sunshine to come into your home, then it will have lasting impressions on a likely expensive replacement.

If you spend the majority of your days at work then perhaps you don’t realize exactly how much direct light shines into your home each day. The sun shining on adored pieces could really alter their lifespan. The color could fade, the fabric can warp, or some pieces could even change shape in extremely heated circumstances. 

If you would like to maintain your furniture and art pieces original condition, then I recommend that you consider getting thermal curtains. If you keep them closed throughout sunlight hours then you won’t need to worry about how damaging the sun can be.

Energy efficient thermal curtains

Purchasing these drapes have an added bonus. They make a home more energy efficient when used correctly. If you properly hang the drapes, then the temperature in your home shouldn’t have to be set so high or low. Keeping the heat out or in can reduce your energy bill by as much as 25%.

Honestly, who doesn’t love to be more eco-friendly and save money while doing so? So not only do you cut down on your electric or gas bill but by using less energy you are wasting less. Therefore, you are being earth conscious. Whether you mean to or not. 

Find out how to be more energy efficient in your every day life by following a few simple changes.


Best thermal curtains

When the time comes for you to purchase your new drapes; be prepared for many options. There are several companies that make and sell different types. One thing I highly stress is that you make sure they are double or triple layered. This is very important to ensure that you are in fact buying curtains that will properly insulate.

Many companies list misleading phrases, such as “triple weaved”. Now this sounds like it has three different layers, but a lot of times it’s not true at all. I have taken some time to find a select few that I recommend, which you can find sold on Amazon.

The curtains listed below are all classified as thermal lined. Each have a minimum of two layers, which is the most common. I have also listed one with three layers but the overall ratings are much lower than the others.

Heavy duty curtains
RYB HOME heavy-duty curtains
        • Double layered
        • 100% blackout
        • Multiple color options
        • Machine washable
        • Rated 4.7/5.0 by 214 customers
Sound insulation
Moondream sound insulation curtain
        • Triple layered
        • 100% blackout
        • Soundproof
        • Multiple color options
        • Rated 3.5/5.0 by 66 customers
Energy saving curtains
Flamingo P energy saving curtains
        • Double layered
        • 100% blackout
        • Elegant faux silk
        • Multiple color options
        • Rated 4.6/5.0 by 1,375 customers
NICETOWN blackout
NICETOWN blackout curtains
        • Double layered
        • Light dimming
        • Triple weave technology
        • Multiple color options
        • Rated 4.5/5.0 by 4,441 customers
Soundproof windows
Yakamok window treatment curtains
        • Double layered
        • 100% blackout
        • Soundproof
        • Multiple color options
        • Rated 4.7/5.0 by 170 customers

Thermal lined curtains

Whether you live in a big city or out on a farm, dealing with outside noise can be an issue anywhere. I have been near railroads, planes, highways, and even loud cows. The point is, interior sound insulation can be very necessary in many different geographic locations. Well that is if you want some peace and quiet every now and then.

Sound Insulation

Adding thermal lined drapes to your windows really does cut down on a lot of outside noises. It certainly can’t stop a loud train near your home from rattling the windows, but it will drastically make a difference. The thermal insulation muffles the outside noise creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

Do thermal curtains work?

Yes, thermal curtains do work and in several different ways. They bring insulation to windows, allowing for a properly temperature controlled home. Try using them and compare the savings on your energy bill each month. Most people find that they can keep their thermostat at a different setting daily due to the warmth not escaping or the cool air rushing outdoors.

Once you purchase thermal insulated drapes for yourself, then you’ll see how quickly you notice a difference in your home. 

Find more ways to winterize your home and you will certainly notice a huge difference this year, as well as many more to come.